Radikaal Hopeful


She watches through Ieder1 eyes.


When spoken word fills your mind and your belly,  all you can do is make others jelly.


I think this is what a cool uncle looks like.


Ever-present rain in this land won’t dampen Ieder1’s hearts.


Oud en nieuw, heavy and light, samen radikaal hopeful.


This 1 has been training peoples in alternatives to violence. You’ve been all over, and you will not rest! Don’t deprive us of your mighty guidance.


Extraordinary feeling of togetherness,

“Negativiteit aanstekelijk is maar positiviteit ook.

Dit is een manier radikaal zijn,

we zijn radikaal hopeful.” -Derek Otte

(Translation: negativity is contagious but so is positivity. This is a way of being radical, we are radically hopeful.)


Ieder1: I caught up with them in Museumplein, right where the festivities peaked.

So what’s the deal?

Amsterdammers from everywhere gathered together in a parade literally translated, for Every1. This was the first of its kind. Speakers of all ages, music from funk jazz to oud/string duos. Exactly what Ieder1 needs. Seeing, hearing and tasting diversity, walking with it all the way from Bijlmer Arena to Museumplein to see it grow greater. Be overwhelmed by its presence so as not to forget. The fantastic side to turning up to these gatherings alone is that you can jam with people you’ve never met before without the usual Where are you From? Saves people like me from having to map out where I’ve been until they track down how I got my accent. Friend, I’m from here in this moment in space and time, and so are you.