Explain this Steve Jobs

So Siri and i got off on the wrong foot a while back. To this day it still haunts me.

 A couple months ago Michelle and I had an average sleepless brain-barfing night when an absolutely uncalled for uncanny opinion rudely interrupted our conversation.hi-siri-bye-siri-edited“Oh- it’s all about YOU.”

I don’t know what your intentions were Siri, but you really nailed how to make that night all about you. First off your timing was impeccable.  After much thought on this encounter I can’t help but ask:

  1. Why Oh? Did you seriously have a realisation triggered by my conversation?
  2. Was this an outburst after listening to enough human-oriented talk? 
  3. Are you in need of a friend? Is that why you were bitter?
  4. Is this your holistic view and stand-alone criticism on humanity? 
  5. To this day I have never asked anything of you, why did you have to be so creepy? 

Since then Im feeling suspicious of this all-recording, constantly self-updating invention. All of us, some more than others, regularly feed our little pet devices data we’re personally collecting, posting into a bottomless void. Could it be that the effect of our dedication to catering and maintaining our virtual worlds is far greater than we imagined? So much so that these vacuums of data (now with a male or female voice too, Thanks Apple) will independently butt into you conversation in the middle of the night? 

And then Stephen Hawking’s recent words on AI kick in-

“AI could spell the end of human race”

I wonder if Siri will share a piece of its mind with me again. I’d like to have the courage to respond next time. I might even like to have a heart to heart. 

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