mindless mundane moments

I get a kick out of mindlessly playing with mundane things.  When you look something up and down again, under it over it, inside and out, or from a distance, it can suddenly miraculously transform itself into your next ingredient, for whatever you were supposed to get on with in the first place. Everything can be an ingredient for what is to follow. Let our minds become mindless explorers again, without (in my case) allowing yourself forget your next or beginning purpose. This might be the true reason I can’t simply complete tasks without something weird happening or changing lanes midway. Or it’s ADHD, still not sure-

Funky fresh Canada has given me a sharp push, I’ve kept a sketchbook filled with observations, though words have been lacking. Lately I had been using classic empty postcards to record how things are wherever I roam. But if an unspoiled brown paper bag will plunge into my path, no doubt I’ll randomly pick it up. It was probably going to be blown away into oblivion, destroyed without a single mindless adventure of its own.

Here are some moments I tried to capture on the spot, just watching and not really thinking. Trying to train myself to keep it simple and stay true to colors and light that I observe. No fancy bullshit, just what is there.

Thank you Michelle Ku for helping me see and record color for what it is, no added anything.

(Semi) Mindless drawings from life (back to back on the brown paper bag) //


A Sunnyside dude in that mindless mode without a single load (btw i don’t encourage shut-eyed-hands-in-the-air-biking)


Nude beach on campus at UBC. Touched down on a free and mindless pacific. I am amazed and incredibly happy for the people here.


East Side River, a breather after the mad rhythm of this city. Naturally drawn to the water sides, and the equally more refreshing scenes that surround them.

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