Our streets


I tasted a colourful,  brave side of you this year. Consequently, our relationship has entirely freshened up.  You’ve given me fruitful friendships along the Regent’s Canal both east and west. Slowly, I’d like to give something back, thanking you for the experiences.

I’d also like to thank my shoes full of feet for walking me places you’d like me to be.

We all Come from Somewhere: At the Migrants March on the 24th of June I participated in the walk in opposition to Brexit and anti-immigration. It was duly captivating to watch the transformation of our perpetually restless, collisional streets of London turn into a diverse, euphonic and intricate tapestry of human connectedness and support. I’ve been more careful not to pack my days back to back like the Bisy Backson-Rabbit from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh  (and almost every other rabbit in the classic stories) so that I may wade into these magnetic waves of collaborative action. Everyone should avoid becoming a regular Bisy Backson; our blinding speed at rushing pointless places with a 0 positive impact in our lives can become contagious.

It was incredible to recognize for the first time familiar faces and groups from the crowd, pouring out with physical, vocal energy and determination. I took these black and white photographs on a film camera on the day of the march and included a few photographs I took from the Australia House meeting on June 20th.


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